our process

here’s how the magic happens

boozie cocktails are made in the founders’ home state of Idaho at the base of the Teton Mountains. Each can contains the highest quality ingredients: Sparkling Teton Mountain glacier water, premium potato vodka, a splash of all-natural juice and sweeten it with monk fruit.

As a member of the Rocky Mountain Power’s Blue Skies Program for wind power generation, we proudly use clean energy to produce boozie. Every canned cocktail is made with the health of the consumer and the environment in mind.

The finished boozie product is an elevated flavor profile that sets a new standard for the premium RTD cocktail market. When sipping on boozie, it’s all about farm-to-can freshness.

Raise a can to good, clean, fun that’s always ready to drink!


meet our sweetener

Monk Fruit is a small sub-tropical melon that has been cultivated in Southeast Asia for centuries. According to legend, Monk Fruit is named after the Buddhist Monks who first cultivated the fruit nearly 800 years ago. This magical fruit provides delicious, natural, low-calorie sweetness from melon, without the calories of sugar.

Monk Fruit sweetener is created by removing the seeds and skin of the fruit, crushing the fruit, and collecting the juice. The fruit extract, or juice, is around 150-200 times sweeter than sugar and contains zero calories per serving – meaning a little goes a long way!

Monk fruit is not sweet due to natural sugars like most fruits. It contains powerful antioxidants called mogrosides, which are metabolized differently by the body than natural sugars. That’s why, despite their very sweet taste, these fruits contain no calories and have no effect on blood sugar.