our story

boozie was founded by husband-and-wife duo Luke and Kasey. The Idaho-based couple with city and country roots truly embodies the company’s spirit of balancing busy city life with campfire nights. Working hard and experiencing more is what boozie is all about.

boozie’s premium canned vodka and spirit drinks offer farm-to-finish freshness with quality ingredients that are responsibly sourced, sustainably distilled and perfectly prepared.

…And it all started in Mexico (like most great ideas.)

While shaking up drinks on a bachelorette weekend in paradise, Kasey found herself spending more time making her friends

vodka sodas – than soaking in the sun

With every cocktail she crafted, a thought started stirring about how to minimize the effort of mixing and maximize the enjoyment of sipping by the pool – and beyond. Why can’t drinking be clean AND convenient? No glasses. No shaking necessary. Kasey knew it was time to step outside the bar. It was time to get boozie.

Using gluten-free potato vodka and water distilled from the Teton Mountains, our convenient cocktails are low calorie and naturally sweetened for brunching or beaching, early days tailgating and late nights celebrating. No matter the occasion, every sip is a good decision.


Our Team


Health-conscious, bubbly, and stylish; you could say Boozie got it from our mamma, Co-founder Kasey Dixon. While shaking cocktails for her friends during a bachelorette trip in Mexico, Kasey’s idea for Boozie quickly turned from a daydream into a real plan. Creating a product from scratch and breaking into an industry where she had no prior experience in might be Kasey’s boldest move to date, but it’s far from unexpected. Kasey loves to get down to business just as much as she loves to get down to Michael Jackson classics, cocktail in hand. Kasey’s actually been “making it happen,” a phrase she’s heard and lived by since childhood. From long days dancing in her hometown of Kansas City, to her years at Boise State University, Kasey’s unfailing work ethic and unique vision would eventually accrue her more than a decade of marketing experience in Los Angeles. Her impeccable intuition for trends and a strong belief in the power of branding would also help Kasey launch her own lifestyle blog in 2015. With tens of thousands of engaged followers – and counting – Kasey continues to make an impact in the highly saturated influencer marketing space. As she can personally attest to the power of social media, it has become an integral part of Boozie’s marketing strategy. When Kasey isn’t conceptualizing new businesses, you can catch her driving around town lip-synching 90s hits, watching KC Chiefs football or getting outside to enjoy all her new home base, Ketchum ID has to offer.


While Luke doesn’t currently rock a mullet, he does share the “business in the front and party in the back” mentality with the infamous hairstyle. Blurry vision, however, wasn’t his motivation for co-founding Boozie with wife, Kasey. After logging more than ten years in the world of finance, Luke’s biggest draw to the beverage industry is creating a buzz. His ingenuity and entrepreneurial nature was evident as far back as childhood, whether mowing lawns in Idaho to make a buck or using that hard-earned dough to build potato launchers with his buddies. Luke’s unwavering determination took him to the Boise State Football field, and eventually to Los Angeles where he successfully co-founded a private equity firm. Although, it’s difficult to say if Luke is better at building businesses – or consuming astronomical amounts of food. With hobbies like scuba diving, heli-skiing and bushwhacking mountains, it’s not hard to see where he develops the appetite. Humor, humility and gratitude are Luke’s guiding principles and ultimately his real hunger is to learn, live and create memories; a core concept of Boozie’s brand identity.


You could say Boozie’s Director of Sales and Distribution, Kevin Neumen, was born for the business. While his father and personal role model worked in the beverage industry his entire life, Kevin’s own passion for the trade seamlessly turned into a full-time profession. Thanks to his persistent and animated nature, after 13 years in the world of booze Kevin still finds working in beverage to be – simply put – fun. Fun is something Kevin takes seriously. His hobbies include soccer, golf, hiking surfing and his Sunday morning breakfast making skills are nothing short of wizardry. Although after more than a decade of sales experience, convenience stores, conference rooms and coolers are where Kevin truly makes the magic happen. Kevin’s decision to join Boozie was largely influenced by a desire to explore the brand-side of a product that he believes will succeed. With the current industry forecast, he is excited to be stepping into the RTD market.


Blaire Dorin’s path to Boozie began in 2012 when she graduated from college, packed up her two-door car and headed West in search of experience. She remains determined to build not only a career, but also a life that makes setting an alarm each day worthwhile. A few months after arriving in Los Angeles, Blaire found herself having a lot of fun and working for none other than Boozie co-founder, Kasey, in a junior corporate fashion marketing role. Her next step was diving into the land of skate tricks and snowboard documentaries as a Red Bull employee. It was after moving to a tech start up, Blaire felt she needed to worry less about feeding her bank account and more about fulfilling her passions. Using her gut as a compass, and drawn to authenticity like a moth to a flame, she immersed herself in the world of interior design and product development. At its core Boozie is about experiencing more and making memories, and that human connection is what draws Blaire to her new cocktail-filled world. As the Director of Brand Development, Blaire’s eager to share the #vodkasodamagic that is Boozie with as many party people as possible.